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About Us

Building Wisdom accumulated since 1969

Originally founded as a consulting civil and structural engineering firm, our building expertise has been honed at the sharp end of project delivery. From designing structures supporting float glass production in Russia to managing the construction of specialist pharmaceutical distribution centres in the UK, we have plenty of experience dealing with diverse building challenges.

As you can imagine, this experience has taught us a thing or two about buildings. Our heritage in both industrial and commercial building projects, has allowed the company to develop an unrivalled understanding of buildings, their fabric, their lifecycle cost and how they should be managed. It is this knowledge that we provide daily for the benefits our clients.

Today, with wisdom collated over 5 decades, we have developed our range of services to include all aspects of Construction Design, Project Management, CDM Consultancy & Property Care Services.

Some things haven’t changed though. Every project we deliver, every property management client we service, is controlled and managed through one of our directors, so you can be assured that the right experience and knowledge is by your side.

Meet the key team


Simon Robinson

Managing Director

With over twenty five years in construction management, civil and structural engineering Simonhas acquired a wealth of experience working for blue chip clients across a range of differentsectors, including health, industrial, commercial, residential and education. Simon becameManaging Director in 2000, following 5 years as an associate….
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Iain Paterson

Director of Operations

With over twenty years in manufacturing and construction management Iain really understandsbuildings and their lifecycle management. Iain brings experiencein managing both design teams and contractors and working within complex client organisations.He has experience of working through all stages of the project life cycle and is skilled in buildingrelationships with all project stakeholders to focus the project in a clear direction...
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Mark Fairhurst


Director of Projects

Originally joining ACR as a trainee, Mark went on to run his own successful practice for 9 yearsproviding building design and consultancy services and building a portfolio of both commercialand domestic clients before returning to ACR in 2013 as Projects Director to manage the ProjectsTeam...
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ACR are committed to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and BS EN ISO 14001:2004

Building Wisdom

Ethos aristotle

A passion for buildings runs right through all that we do at ACR. We believe in design without compromising form and function, delivering projects with enthusiasm and imagination. Our vision is to design, construct and care for buildings that people can enjoy and work effectively in.

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