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"From concept to completion, we bring ideas to life"

Building Design

How ACR build wisdom into every design, from inception to completion.

ACR offer the complete building design service from initial design and inception through to completion covering a broad scope of design concepts. ACR know-how is grounded by a methodology which is both rigorous and comprehensive, covering every discipline in the delivery of a building. Our expert Architectural and Structural design services cover all these stages:

  • Design function – How a building is to be used to maximise efficiency and longevity.
  • Design construction and constraints – Guaranteeing that the most appropriate materials and methods are utilised.
  • Design brief - maximising the opportunity to build a great building for the people who will use it.
  • Design planning - including permissions and approvals and ensuring inception through to agreed delivery dates.
  • Design Aesthetics – ACR ensure a building represents the people who work in it. ACR buildings are not only fully functional but importantly are aesthetically appropriate for the chosen location.
  • Design communication- The ACR system of working makes sure that all stakeholders are kept informed at every stage to ensure agreements and ultimately to deliver a building our customers can be proud of.

If your building project -no matter how big or small- can benefit from ACR’s Building Wisdom make contact right now, we will be pleased to hear from you.

"The Antelope House" - Knowsley Safari Park

antelope house

Building Wisdom

We chose ACR because we were assured that we would receive a personal service to both Mace and our Client; this promise was delivered. The fact that we continue to work with ACR demonstrates that they compare exceedingly favourably with other firms

Operations Director, MACE
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