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Health & Care

“We understand the unique environment of buildings in the health & care sector”

Property management of nursing Homes and healthcare buildings provides a unique set ofchallenges that require real experience and knowhow. Our teams have been involved indesigning and building healthcare buildings for many years and over these years we havedeveloped a real understanding and knowledge of how to manage such buildings.

With care of vulnerable patients a priority we ensure your building environment is fullycompliant and always functional, so you can get on with what you are good at.


North Wales NHS Trust / MACE / Nations Healthcare / Blackpool NHS Trust / LiverpoolNHS Trust / Willowbrook Hospice / Haughton House / Hallwood Health Centre / Mill StMedical Centre / St Helens & District Deaf Society.

Building Wisdom

I believe you have to really understand the fabric of buildings to successfully manage them. Building infrastructure in the health and care sector is more than just functional, it protects lives and it simply has to work. You cannot cut corners managing buildings that house vulnerable people who maybe reliant on the building itself and how it performs

Iain Patterson, Operations Director, ACR
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