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“Ensuring your building management matches the quality of your teaching”
With so many schools striving for excellence, it’s increasingly important that yourbuildings match the quality of teaching. As a company we have a long history ofworking with schools and academia, ensuring their buildings are safe and compliantenvironments for pupils and staff alike.Having been involved in designing many innovative school buildings we trulyunderstand how to manage educational estates with a clear focus on legalcompliance, whilst consistently analysing areas of cost and delivery to save ourschools money.From design meetings all the way through to arranging a bi-annual fire alarminspection, ACR will give you piece of mind when it comes to the safety of yourbuilding, and everyone in it.


Tower College / St Helens College / King George V College / Seton School / St JuliesPrimary School / Heys Primary School / St Philips CE School / St Catherine of Siena RCPrimary School / Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School / St Michaels CE Primary School /St John the Baptist CE School

Building Wisdom

Schools and educational establishments are now run like businesses. As such it’s essential to provide a first class environment for pupils whilst providing value for money building management assisting schools to drive down their building Lifecycle costs. More importantly schools know they have a duty of care to ensure pupils can learn in a safe and compliant environment and these are worries we ensure are dealt with

Simon Robinson, Practice Principal, ACR
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